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Last updated: 9/18/21


Hello and welcome to the new website.  

If this is your first time here, my name's KOAH and I'm a singer-songwriter.  Here you'll find portals to my original music as well as links to my podcast and my blog.

This past week I started a KOAH TikTok page and I gotta say... although I had my doubts.. it's a lot of fun.  

The big news I have to tell you about is Cub Cry.  

This is an environmental organization which I started that is -- at least for now -- strictly educational.  It seeks to leverage the power of social media to inform younger generations about the importance of taking care of the planet.  It's designed to really hammer home the message that we don't have any margin for error and we don't have any time left.  Some people think that's hyperbolic when it comes to the environment, but even if the data didn't substantiate that -- which it does -- one simply has to look around to see that this planet is in peril.  On all corners of the globe the land, the air, the water all have major problems.  The sense is many people have been "sleep-walking" around this issue and I get why.  It can be very depressing.  It's very hard to think about some of these things.  But nevertheless, we're gonna have to.


First, by making love of the environment what it should be -- fun.  People don't need to donate money to fix this issue.  They don't need to work hard.  Rather, all they need to do is just love animals.. love plants.  Do that and the rest falls into place.  So utilizing social media we're going to try to remind people of the love that they very likely already feel deep down in side them for the planet.  For the earth.  For the animals.  By delivering on a single, clear, pointed message to the public that this planet needs them -- we hope to win supporters.  And all a supporter needs to do is subscribe.  That's it.  We only want their voice.  We want them to share what they learn about the environment on social media.  We want them to bring their friends along.  If that seems long-winded, it's because I care deeply about this issue.  And on a personal note, my real concern frankly is for the animals of this planet.  They are the ones entrusted to us.  We've let them down, but we've got to fix that.

In order for this planet to be able to support life of the kind of enjoyment and quality that we all -- animals included -- would want, then we've got to all have our hands on the wheel when it comes to these issues.  We are talking about the health and welfare of animals in the wild and at sea, as well as humans throughout the globe.

We're also going to focus on winning powerful,  influential friends from all walks of life.  The artists and athletes that our modern society is obsessed with.  People really look up to these stars.  If we can get to them -- have them see themselves as truly powerful when it comes to delivering a message -- they could become some of the best friends the planet and the animal kingdom has ever had.  These "influential friends" and social media personalities are the ones to bring the younger generations on board with taking care of the environment and the planet.

So, with the number of non-profits out there, do we really need another one?

This organization is going to be a little different from other environmental groups in that we are not raising funds.  We do not want people to donate money. 

There are indeed enough groups for that.

Cub Cry is a "get out the message" movement.  We only want people's voice.  We want them to share the message -- at home and on their social media -- that all we have to do is love this planet and the animals in it and the rest will fall into place.

Explore this website and cubcry.org for details. 

Follow & subscribe to Cub Cry on TikTok and Instagram.  

Thank you.