Will you walk with me down a new road?

One so hidden you’d never know

We’ll let the thieves lighten our load

And learn to feel it as we go


These are the lyrics to A New Road, one of singer-songwriter KOAH's first recorded songs which marked a meaningful shift in perspective for the Maryland-born artist.


“The lyrics always tell you something about the songwriter,” he says.

“I think emotion that has been tempered by time offers something which raw emotion doesn’t.  Although raw emotion has it’s place.  In the end I think most songs stem from traumatic experiences.  Even the happy ones.  They’ve just been distilled down and crystallized into something that people can connect with.  Often something rare.”

Despite being an adept left-handed guitar player and multi-instrumentalist, performing all the instruments on Same Child, it is in KOAH's voice that many people see his strongest suite.  With a powerful and focused vocal style that has drawn comparisons to Cat Stevens and Van Morrison, KOAH sings in a deeply spiritual and concentrated space.  He refers to it as “surfing a moment.”  A long-time Buddhist practitioner, KOAH credits a book by the Dalai Lama for showing him a particular method of meditation called calm abiding.  

“In a nutshell,” KOAH says, “it is coming to a point where you use what is there.  As a singer every room is different.  There’s different energy, different people, different air.  Every moment is unique and everything has it’s own specifics.  I call it surfing a moment because surfing is one of the most unusual sports on Earth.  Many sports involve humans and nature.  But surfing adds something different.  Nature in motion.  As an element, nature in motion requires surrender on the part of the surfer.  You can’t control the wave.  You can only ride it.  I can’t control the energy in a space.  I can only ride it.  In essence you are surfing the moment." 

"Surfing the moment"

Singer-songwriter KOAH

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